Toowoomba 2019 - Kids Session

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm — 26th October

This year will see the first of our Kids sessions that are run during daylight hours - designed to give the kids a fun afternoon without all of the scares!

Supervising adults (need ID to show over 18) will have free entry to accompany any of the children. 

This session will be at a reduced rate for kids ($35 at the gate, or $25 if pre-paid) - as mazes will not be included. Still plenty of UNLIMITED rides and world class magic shows for the kids

Tickets are available now at - To ensure best value for all of our guests, there are limited tickets, once sold out, there will be no further tickets for this year.

Kids can get into the spirit of things by dressing up - but this is not compulsory

Food and Drinks available at the event


Passes / Merch

Shows / Street Performers

Apart from the mazes there will also be shows and performances for all ages throughout out the night.


We have selected a mixture of rides for the whole family for this event. The Rides are: