Business Advertising/ Sponsorships

The Night of Horrors events are designed to bring family entertainment to regional communities that would otherwise have limited event opportunities in their area. As businesses, we provide opportunities for you to get involved and show the local community that you are there to help bring these events to them. We have advertising opportunities available for all of our mazes, rides and atractions.

Sponsors receive free passes to our VIP night, where they will be among the first people to experience our mazes at the event. They will also get there business names advertised with the attraction that they are sponsoring (On the website, on facebook boosted posts, and on the actual attraction at the event)

For more details , and we will send you an advertising package to explain how it all works.

Vendor Information

The 3 events this year are run at catered facilities, and will not have food vendor spaces available

We WILL be trialling a couple of merchandise vendor stalls at the events this year. Please contact us for any enquiries

Volunteer for an event

We love to see people dress up and have fun! There are hundreds of people dressed up for our events, but one thing we don’t allow is people scaring other people at the event. But – we DO allow OUR VOLUNTEERS to scare people in the mazes!! If you want to be part of this….. here is your chance. We also require volunteers in other areas of our event, even if you DON'T want to scare people.

As a volunteer, you will get to attend our VIP night, where you will be one of the first people to see all of the mazes that will be at our event, as our actors practice their scares on their first victims.

You will also get a FREE pass to our Sunday ride session where you will get UNLIMITED carnival rides.

Maze actors will also be in the running to win a $250 prize for best costume, or best scare.

Nominate yourself - or get a group together to be part of this years great event! Just ask anyone who's volunteered before - It's a blast! Simply or visit our relevant facebook page and let us know you are interested. We will get our volunteer co-ordinator to get in touch and line it up for you.