Toowoomba 2019 - Evening Session

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6:00 pm to 10:00 pm — 26th October
Toowoomba Showgrounds

Our 3rd Toowoomba Night of Horrors will be the best one yet. With a whole new format, there will be less queues, no ride bands, no tokens, no fast track. Everything will be included as UNLIMITED - ALL NIGHT for one fantastic, all inclusive entry fee of $50 or only $40 pre-purchased!! Tickets are available from now - through to the event.

This session is not RECOMMENDED for under 14 - however, parental guidance is required. If you as a parent believe that they are up to the evening session - that is up to you.

More details to come. Keep watching as we lock in all new acts and entertainment

Passes / Merch


Mazes showcased on this night are as follows.

Shows / Street Performers

Apart from the mazes there will also be shows and performances for all ages throughout out the night.


We have selected a mixture of rides for the whole family for this event. The Rides are: