Joe You has performed everywhere for all types of audience imaginable. From restaurants to bars, to corporate trade shows and theatres, Joe’s magic has reached millions of audiences worldwide. MindGames is a highly entertaining and interactive performance where Joe displays extraordinary abilities of the human mind. Joe's MindGames has left audiences gasping for the past 10 years across 3 different continents. The show incorporates comedy and mentalism with amazing connection to his audiences.  

Sarah - 'I felt something touch my back but there was no one near me!'

John - 'Joe knew the name of the person I merely thought of, how is that possible!'

Penny - 'His ability to predict and ability to influence is unbelievable and unforgettable!'

You will witness jaw dropping magic and mentalism from mind reading to telepathy and metal bending leaving you switching between the sensations of laughter and shock. Whether it's close up and intimate or up on stage, Joe will leave the most skeptical audiences in the world speechless!

The content of MindGames remains a mystery, but if you have seen him before, you know you're in for a mystifying awesome treat!